Operator Rappel System 200

Operator Rappel System 200

Operator Rappel System 200


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The ORS200 offers each team member the advantage of a safe and efficient self-contained rappel kit.

Each kit has all necessary items to construct a compound anchor system and provides self-belay.

Everything fits in the deployment bag so that can be easily carried and deployed in the field.


  • Unpadded SCOUT or RAIDER Rappel Harness
  • STEALTH Leg Rope Bag
  • 100, 150, 165 or 200 Feet, 7/16th Inch Rappel Rope
  • Three (3) Auto-Locking Aluminum Carabiners
  • Rescue Figure Eight Descender with Ears
  • Two (2) STEALTH Anchor Straps
  • Quick-Release Prusik for Self-Belay
  • Tandem Prusik Set
  • Weight: 10.0 lbs (Not including harness)