Rappel Master Certification

Rappel Master Certification

Rappel Master Certification


Our five-day / 50+ hour Rappel Master and URBAN Climbing Certification Course began in 1995 and it has evolved with the ever changing operational requirements of our Mil and LE clients. Our comprehensive course curriculum guides the student through the basic, intermediate and advanced rope skill sets necessary for successfull rope operations in any environment. Risk management, safety and leadership skills are stressed throughout all course activities.

Our course is held in Austin, Texas or remote training is available and we can bring it to you and your team. Please Contact Us for more information. 
Course Agenda:

  • Five-Day / 50+ Hours of instruction and practical application
  • Rappelling and Urban Climbing techniques
  • Incident command and risk management
  • Rappel Master & Safety Officer Duties
  • Rappel Tower Operations and Safety Protocol
  • Rope System Rigging strategy and techniques
  • Successful teaching techniques
  • Rope and webbing knots
  • Raise/Lower personnel, canines and equipment
  • Low and High Angle Rope Operations
  • Single & Two rope rescue techniques
  • Mechanical Advantage Systems
  • Self-rescue
  • Ascending techniques
  • Equipment care and maintenance
  • Practical individual/team exercises and test
  • Custom training programs are available. Training is offered at our site in Austin, Texas or we can train at your location. Please contact us for mobile training at your site.

    All equipment for the course is provided. There are no prerequisites.